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How to have more customers spending more money with you, more frequently and referring others too


As a Business Owner, are there days when you feel ready to throw in the towel? You’re very busy, but this isn’t translating into more business. Just trying to keep up is exhausting and frustrating. You spend your days running in circles and putting out fires instead of being in control? You think it’s not FUN being in business anymore.

Having spent many years learning, researching, working in salons and running my own, I now use my wealth of beauty industry experience, business knowledge and passion for learning to help other business owners become successful.

I provide expert mentoring customised to suit your business requirements

Starting with the end in mind, we work backwards until you have created a personalised daily action plan, leading directly to your goals. We create the perfect journey for your customers, your staff, your business… and most importantly for you! As someone who has walked in your shoes, I can provide you with solutions and ideas to move your business forwards. Through identifying your “why” and keeping you focused on it, I challenge you and hold you accountable. By offering you all the essential guidance and tips, I help you implement the right ideas and strategies and also provide you with the direction.

I understand the daily issues facing you in your business

I’ve laid awake at night during the bad times, then lived through the great times. I’ve learned through experience what works and what doesn’t and now I pass on this knowledge, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did, becoming run down, overwhelmed and exhausted.

I don’t do the work for you, I work with you to create the success you desire

I provide the motivation, tools and assistance to enable you and your team to excel at what you do. By looking at the bigger picture, I’ll keep you focused on results, not excuses. I’ll tell you what you need to hear.

The combination of both consulting and coaching is what most business owners need to be successful

Having someone who knows you and your business well, but is not involved in the day-to-day running can be invaluable when you feel stuck.

Being a successful business owner can be a lonely job, but think how different your life would be if you had someone to provide motivation and inspiration to help you find ways to deal with immediate difficulties, as well as helping plan long-term.

I have the greatest success with clients who realise what they’re doing now isn’t working, and are open-minded about doing something different.

I work with those business owners who are committed to growth, know there’s another level, but have been unable to reach it on their own.

When you work with me, you can expect to achieve some of these outcomes:

  • You’ll have an easy to use written plan that gives you focus to move in the right direction. You’ll work on all those great ideas in your head, to get them out, on to paper and improve your business’s performance.
  • You’ll reap the benefits of having a  mentor and consultant, confidant and sounding board, someone who will help you to stay the course on your way to building a more profitable business.
  • You’ll get more new customers and retain more of your existing ones.
  • You’ll develop simple to use systems to ensure the quality of you service remains high and even improves.
  • You’ll be more easily able to attract and retain a motivated team who share your vision of success.
  • You’ll learn how to delegate and manage your team so that you can focus on the important challenges you face as a business owner  – setting the direction, planning, strategising and improving the bottom line.

Putting the fun back in to business

With over 31 years in the industry owing salons and mentoring, I have encountered almost every possible challenge a business owner might face. I can help you achieve the dream you set with when you first started your business.

I’m able to look at your business from a fresh perspective, analyse the shortfalls and develop a plan to grow your business and free up more time for you to do things you want and delegate the others.

Consulting Programme

Brilliance – £5000

12 months Private 1 2 1 Consulting

This programme is specifically designed for client who are 100% committed to doing the work required to achieve outstanding customer excellence in their business.

You may well have already received some form of coaching, consulting or mentoring for your business and seen the results that can be achieved. You see the value in investing in your own personal and professional  development and are willing to do what it takes and engage fully.

If you are willing to take responsibility for the outcomes you can create as a result of us working together and see the value in having a high level consultant to keep you accountable, then this is the best choice for you.

One Full VIP Experience is included with this Programme.

Luminosity – £3500

6 months Private 1 2 1 Consulting

This programme has been created for those who are highly motivated, inspired and ready and willing to do the work which will allow a high level of customer service excellence in their business.

One mini VIP experience is included with this programme

Clarity – £1500

3 months Private 1 2 1 Consulting

This programme has been created for motivated self-starters who are ready to learn and implement customer service excellence.

All Programmes includes Bi-weekly consulting calls via Skype, where you will have a personal on to one call with me for up to an hour each session. You will also have access to email support throughout the programme.

VIP Experience – £1200

One to One Private Consulting Day

Designed to kick start Customer Experience Excellence in your business. This full day session will give you the tools and structures you need to implement Customer Experience Excellence in your business NOW!


If you would like to know more, I would love you to call me on 07716 376 322 to arrange a complimentary 20 minute chat to discuss your current position and what you need to move your business forward.

I look forward to hearing from you and traveling on your journey to Experiential Customer Service Success!

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