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When was the last time you felt like a VIP when you did business with someone?

If you’re like most people I asked recently, you will find it very difficult.

It’s easy to recall all the times you have received bad service, maybe that was even yesterday! But why?

We all know how it feels when we are treated like a VIP right?

  • When you enter a regular place that you shop and are greeted by name by the staff.
  • When you order something online and receive a little something extra when it’s delivered.
  • When you walk into your local coffee shop and they remember how you like your coffee.

It gives you a tingling feeling inside doesn’t it?

So if we all know how good it feels to be treated well, why do so many businesses treat their customers like an inconvenience or that they are doing them a favour?

It starts at the top!

If the owner or manager of the business doesn’t care, there is a good chance that their staff won’t either – they are lead by example.

When a business owner has their customers at the front of their mind whenever they deal with them, not only do their staff follow suit, but they are likely to only employ these types of people who feel they way they do, who feel it an honour to be able to make their customers feel delighted when they deal with the business.

I recently had a great customer experience at my local bank – yes bank!

My partner and I had a query we needed looked into. The gentleman we spoke to, Mark, even remembered details from a previous meeting we had with him two years ago!!!

He went above and beyond to try and resolve the issue we had, looking at different ways he could approach the problem in order to resolve it to our satisfaction.

Although it was not resolved at that meeting, he left us in no doubt that he had done everything he could at that meeting and had put the wheels in motion for it to be resolved ASAP.

So, even though he had not managed to solve the issue there and then, we left the bank feeling like we had been listened to and that he cared about us being happy with the result. He made us feel we were important customers.

The fact that I am retelling of our great experience, goes to show how much of an impression it made.

Now going back to my original question about when were you last treated like a VIP and lets change the spin.

When did you last treat a customer like a VIP?

How did you feel?


I’ll bet.

Not only does it delight the customer when you treat them like a VIP, but it makes you feel amazing too!

Imagine feeling amazing after dealing with each and every customer, everyday.

All it takes is a little forethought and the determination to do your best for your customers.

Take a look at your customer journey and discover areas where you can transform your customers experience so that they feel like a VIP.

Do It Today!!



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