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How often do you ask your customers for their opinion of your business?





The best way to serve your customers, is to ask their opinion about the products or services you offer.

As the end users of your service or products, your customers are in the best place to advise you what is working and what’s not. By listening to them, you will be able to adjust their experience and make it the best possible.

So, how often should you ask your clients opinion?

Every time a customer has an interaction with your business.

All it takes is a quick question to ensure that the customer has received not just what they were expecting, but that you over delivered.

This is the way to move your business forwards, build your reputation and gain raving fans.

You need to ensure that asking our customers option is build into your procedures and processes, so that it is second nature for you and your staff, if you have them.

Schedule time in your business today to collate all the information you gain from your customers and then plan when you will implement any necessary changes.

You need to make sure that you schedule and plan, otherwise all that valuable information will just get filed away and forgotten.

Remember though, not every idea your customers have will be either useful or implementable, so be selective and only choose to change the things that will improve the customer experience and increase your profits!



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