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“Helen is amazing, she really knows her stuff. It helped me look at my business in a new light. 

We can become complacent in our business systems and how our clients are looked after. Helen gave me lots of actions to improve the client experience.”



Hazel Addley

“There is so much choice available to our customers that it is no longer good enough to be good enough, we must wow them and keep wowing them. Customer loyalty is practically a thing of the past, but it doesn’t have to be if you work with Helen Willsher, because this is where she is a seasoned expert. 

To attract customers in the first place we use amazing marketing, but most of us have nothing in places to keep wowing them time after time, so we spend more on marketing and the cycle goes on. Helen teaches you how to break out of that cycle by keeping more customers happy and loyal and creating raving fans who begin to do your marketing for you. 

She teaches you to create simple and easy to implement customer retention systems and practices that will have your existing clients feeling like they couldn’t possibly go anywhere else – as Helen says – making it impossible for your competitors to compete. 

But there are three things that really set Helen apart in her field. 

The first is that she absolutely walks her talk, she embodies and demonstrates the power of what she teaches, so you really get to feel how it feels to be on the receiving end. 

Secondly, she helps you make the mindset shift so that it goes from interesting stuff to learn to an essential to implement – not every trainer can do that. 

The third is that she is an absolute purist; she doesn’t dabble in other stuff because her reputation is built on customer retention and experience, the rest she leaves to the rest. Which means you know you’re getting a passionate expert. 

The result is more add on sales, more returning sales, customer loyalty, referrals from clients, marketing spend goes further, you enjoy working with clients more, staff enjoy working with clients more and you become a business that never has to compete on price. 

I thought I had a pretty good handle on this, as up to half of my new clients come from referral, but Helen opened my eyes (she blew me away) to so many more opportunities and ways to make it easy and consistent. I saw how what she teaches works and it feels so easy to do, because Helen helped me systemise it. 

I would recommend her to anyone looking to spend less on getting new customers by looking after the ones they have and turning new customers into raving fans.”




Ali Hollands

“Having experienced one of Helen Willsher’s workshops, I was pleased with her ability to share her knowledge and understanding so expertly and so I had no hesitation in booking her for my own business group.
Helen has proven to be a popular speaker and trainer with my colleagues for several reasons.
For example, she simplifies the complicated and inspires enthusiasm for the busy world of business and is warm and friendly, at all times, building a great rapport.
Nevertheless, Helen is cool headed and thoughtful and I am keen to work with her again especially because of her professional approach to all aspects of the booking arrangements which made it easy for mto work with her.”


Victoria Sheridan

“Helen has been known to me in a professional capacity for over 2 years. In my dealings with her, I have found her to be highly professional, friendly inclusive and competent.

I first met Helen on the business-to-business networking circuit and was immediately blown away by her warm, practial approach to good customer service. I have attended her seminars, which were well run, informative and most of all useful. Helen knows her field of expertise.

It rare these days to happen upon people with a genuine desire to help others excel. I was particularly impressed by Helen’s skill in handling the most challenging of people, effortlessly and with aplomb, a trait which all to often takes years to develop among customer service professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. Helen is able to get people on board with her easily. A thoroughly likeable business professional.”



Kaz Macklin,

“This lady is awesome. I attending her training day and the knowledge and experience she past on was top notch and just what I needed to advance my business. She did a site visit and a top audit of my business and the cc back was amazing, she was able to pin point areas that I was weak and needing improving and of course highlighted the areas I was strong too. I have adopted all of the principles of good customer care and it has paid dividends for my business. I am happy and my customers also. so if you want to improvyour workflow, productivity and customer service then this is the woman for you.”



Katrina Festorazzi, Kent

“If you are looking for help creating that ultimate customer experience, as well as drive repeat custom to your business, 

Helen is the person to connect and work with. She is full of ideas and knowledge on how to make your business shine and become unforgettable in your customer’s mind. She also runs some great workshops. These are also great fun and full of hints and tips. I highly recommend attending one.”




Kaye Sedgwick Jones, Kent

“Helen has clarified where I am heading and what I need to put in place to get there.I feel more in control, definitely more focused. I am more disciplined with my time.”




Deborah Turner,Kent

“Helen is kind and calm but also direct. She helped me to put things in perspective and move on.
She gave me help with taking small steps to lead to larger ones.”

Janet Brown, Kent

“I have really enjoyed working with Helen. She provided a calm,  friendly and professional space where I could talk through some of my dilemmas and helped me see the value of my ideas. I particularly appreciate the confidential and understanding way she has of listening! She has helped me move on, consolidate my plans and start to take action. She has been an asset to my business and I thoroughly recommend her services.”



Griselda Cann Mussett, Kent

“Following my sessions with Helen, I definitely feel more confident which has enabled me to tackle things outside my comfort zone. The biggest difference has been a self belief that I can take on more tasks. I have recently attended networking groups and we are looking to expand our business. You certainly brighten my day with your generosity and your good advice! Just wish I could pop you in my pocket and carry you around! Felt 5 inches taller when you left! Thank you!!! xx”




Debbie Powell,Kent

” With your help, insight and knowledge, I feel more in control and feel like I have a sense of direction. I would recommend your services, your great insights about my situation and encouragement really gave me a much needed push to finally achieve my goals. You gave me inspiration and a timescale and a way to achieve and started a sea of change in my outlook.”

Charlotte Rowles, London