“If you are looking for help creating that ultimate customer experience, as well as drive repeat custom to your business, Helen is the person to connect and work with. She is full of ideas and knowledge on how to make your business shine and become unforgettable in your customer’s mind. 

She also runs some great workshops. These are also great fun and full of hints and tips. I highly recommend attending one.”

Kaye Sedgwick Jones

“Helen has clarified where I am heading and what I need to put in place to get there.
I feel more in control, definitely more focused. I am more disciplined with my time.”

Deborah Turner

“Helen is kind and calm but also direct. She helped me to put things in perspective and move on.
She gave me help with taking small steps to lead to larger ones.”

Janet Brown

“I have really enjoyed working with Helen. She provided a calm,  friendly and professional space where I could talk through some of my dilemmas and helped me see the value of my ideas. I particularly appreciate the confidential and understanding way she has of listening! She has helped me move on, consolidate my plans and start to take action. She has been an asset to my business and I thoroughly recommend her services.”

Griselda Cann Mussett

“Following my sessions with Helen, I definitely feel more confident which has enabled me to tackle things outside my comfort zone. The biggest difference has been a self belief that I can take on more tasks. I have recently attended networking groups and we are looking to expand our business. You certainly brighten my day with your generosity and your good advice! Just wish I could pop you in my pocket and carry you around! Felt 5 inches taller when you left! Thank you!!! xx”

Debbie Powell

” With your help, insight and knowledge, I feel more in control and feel like I have a sense of direction. I would recommend your services, your great insights about my situation and encouragement really gave me a much needed push to finally achieve my goals. You gave me inspiration and a timescale and a way to achieve and started a sea of change in my outlook.”

Charlotte Rowles