Six steps for Defining What Success Looks Like for You


“Success is the realisation and accomplishment of worthy goals. They are those purpose driven milestones that we set in our lives based on our values, beliefs and ambitions. You know them when you see them because they bring a sense of fulfilment and peace of mind when actively pursued.”

You want success, but what do you really mean when you say it? Answering this will help you stay focused and evaluate new opportunities as they occur.

Success in business means something different to everyone. You may have goals, a vision, and a plan but if you don’t set a plan for success, you will never feel successful.

Without your personal definition of success, you don’t know what you’re aiming for. Your goals and activities are unclear, making them more difficult and in some cases impossible to achieve.

Once you know what success is, what it looks like for you, and you have a plan, the rest will be much easier to deal with. While the journey is long and ongoing, it is all worth it to see your hard work pay off. With intelligent planning, focused effort and positive reinforcers, yo’ll be well on your way.

Here is how to define what success means to you:

1. Identify your purpose

You are here for a reason, to serve some purpose. Think about about the things that really inspire you. Figure out what you want to accomplish in life.

How will your business will look, feel in three, five or ten years time ?

Having a clear vision allows you to define success. The vision you have for your salon may change over time. It may not be the same one now that you had when you started, but it needs to be clear.

Document your Vision! Denis Waitley reminds us that “The secret to productive goal setting is in establishing clearly defined goals, writing them down and then focusing on them several times a day with words, pictures and emotions as if we’ve already achieved them.”

2. Determine your WHY

You need a strong enough reason to push you to success. Your drive, passion and persistence is what will get you through the obstacles, challenges and hurdles that you will encounter along the way.

80% of Success is your WHY and 20% is the HOW.

3. Keep a journal of your daily successes

Every day, fill in what you’ve accomplished.

Look back over this regularly. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you’ve made. It will inspire you to keep going through the tough times.

4. Celebrate every success

Every time you hit a level of success…


Every new client, employee, weekend you don’t work, morning you wake up happy and month you hit your revenue goals throw yourself a little party. And make sure your team joins in.

The more positive energy you infuse in every little step toward success makes a major difference and will create momentum all around you.

Take that big vision of success and create levels to keep you excited about moving forward.

5. Surround Yourself With Motivators and Cheerleaders

Find a role model. Someone who is already successfully doing that thing that you want to do. Studying how they achieved their success will help to accelerate yours.

Surrounding yourself with the people who want to lift you up, can be a lifeline when you’re fighting hard towards a goal.

Feedback and support are essential to success.

6.Take action!

Real success, will come from consistent action taken daily against the documented goals that you have set for yourself.

Without action, you will fail.

Success can be described as when a person’s purpose is aligned with their actions. In business as in life, you must remain positive whilst in search of success, and understand that once one level of success is reached, it is not the end, rather is the starting point for your next great achievement.

At the end of the day, success is what you make it. The level of achieving that success is determined by what you do to earn it. Success is earned and not given.

Now that you have the necessary tools to start you on the path to success, get started immediately. Don’t let another year pass with out having developed your plans for success.

Don’t wait; the time will never be ‘just right’.

Start where you are, and work with whatever tools you have, and you’ll find better tools as progress on your journey.

Contemplate your self as having, being and doing exactly what you want to have, be and do. Make a mental blueprint of your success. Visualise it! See it! Feel it! Believe in it!

Picture one day in your life three years from now and write about it like you’re writing a story explaining everything about that day in your business. What do you see, smell and hear? Who are the people you are working with, what are the products or services you are offering? Include as much detail as possible.

If you’ve never written a business vision, write one now. If you need some more guidance, you can download The Painted Picture (Free chapter) here

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