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We don’t have the time and want everything to be as easy as possible.

Don’t make it tough for us!

As a business owner, you have to consistently find solutions to make processes simple and make customers’ lives easier.

In this fast-paced world, your customers just won’t bother if you’re taking too much of their valuable time.

When was the last time you acted as a customer for your business?

If it’s not something you have done recently, I suggest you make time to do so as soon as possible.

Become a customer of your business and attempt to make a purchase of the product or service that you offer and make a note of all the steps you have to go through to do so.

How did it feel?

Was the journey easy and pleasurable or did you become frustrated and even angry at the hoops you had to jump through to get what you wanted?

How many times have we all been frustrated when the answer to a query we have with a business procedure or process is “That’s company policy”!!!

We are all in the business of providing a service or product to our customers in a way that makes them want to do business with us again and again.

This is the only way for a business to grow.

You need to attract new customers and then turn them in to repeat and loyal customers. If you are always having to recruit new customers, you will never grow your business.

Now, go back to the experience you had when dealing with your own business. Look at the customer journey.

Was it written with the customer in mind, or the business?

Most businesses have put procedure and policies in place to make their lives easier, rather the the customers.

Stepping into your customers shoes enables you to see which policies and procedures benefit the customer and those which just cause irritation.

So today, look at your business through your customers eyes and see how you can make their experience of doing business with your delightful rather than dismal.



  1. Hi Helen,

    As always an interesting read. I agree with your points as I have personally tried this & I appreciate your efforts that you have selected this topic to write an article.

    By the way, It’s always pleasure to read your posts and comment.

    ~ Donna

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