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Listen To Your Inner Conversations

“Guess who’s the number one person you communicate with on a daily basis? It’s you! Our internal conversations characterize how we view the world and influence every part of our lives- relationships, achievements, attitude and ultimately our degree of happiness.”

Todd Smith, Entrepreneur and Network Marketer


Listen to Your Inner Conversations

Holding inner conversations with yourself can be a very useful exercise. We all do it, all the time, but the question is do we listen to what we are saying or just let the thoughts drift through our minds paying little attention to the consequences?

These conversations goes on from the moment of waking until falling asleep. However, a lot of energy, time and attention are wasted on small unimportant incidents

Positive Inner Conversations

You must learn to listen to what you are telling yourself. It is very easy to get into a negative frame of mind, sinking deeper and deeper, just because we started have a negative thought. Be aware when you start to sink and pull yourself back from the brink before it is too late!

When you start to have a negative inner conversation, listen. Get into the habit of intervening on your own behalf to change your emotional reaction to events. Negative inner dialogues bring negative results, and positive inner dialogues bring positive results.

Don’t Lose Focus

We all have times when we get into an emotional tail spin. We have a melt down and lose focus. Don’t beat yourself up over this. Don’t make it into a major setback.

Once you start to develop a good relationship with your inner voice, you will learn to deal with obstacles and see them in a more realistic context. You will be able to tell yourself that things pass, and it will get better. Refocus and move on. Don’t dwell on past events that you have no control over.

Celebrate Your Inner Conversations

When you find yourself reacting to a negative situation as an opportunity instead of a setback, congratulate yourself as you are now on your way to a more balanced life. By persisting, you will learn how to keep your cool even when provoked.




  1. Oh yes, that self-talk can make or break your success.

    Unfortunately many people get caught up in the negative self-talk and never realize there is also positive self-talk.

    And that positive self-talk is a decision!

  2. Helen, love the new look of your website!!

    I have often joked that I love to talk to myself because it is the only way I get the right answers. Right answers are not always easy answers but I have learned to take notes!

    Thank you for the reminder!

    • Helen says:

      Thanks Agnes, I’m glad you like the new look, it’s nearly there, just a short snaglist.

      I talk to myself a lot too, although I think the dogs are often listening in!!

  3. Hi Helen. This is great news for all those voices in my head LOL. I’ve struggled with depression and negative thoughts since I was a teen. It’s hard to feel good about yourself when your brain keeps telling you how worthless you are. Fortunately, the pharmaceutical companies came to my rescue about 15 years ago, and although I still have my days, my outlook is mostly optimistic and I feel positive about life and my work. I will send this post around, because I think it’s an important one for people to read.

    Your blog is so attractive. Love the purple and green. It looks like a garden, and I love flower gardening.

    All the best,

    • Helen says:

      Leslie, I’m so glad you found my post helpful and I would be delighted if you share it.

      Thank you for the comments about the new design of my website.

  4. Sharron says:

    When I started to pay attention, I was amazed at the amount of negative self talk I had. Quickly recognizing and reversing the negative talk has been very beneficial for me. Enjoyed your post.

  5. Keri Kight says:

    A few years ago, I started paying attention to my internal thoughts, and how they affect me. I have pushed myself to be more grateful and positive, and it’s helped tremendously. I can go a whole day with very little negative thoughts, and when they appear, I just make them disappear instantly. I’ve very introverted, so I’m always focusing internally, and I guess you could say I’m always talking to myself. :)

  6. Kerris says:

    I have always listened to my inner voice. Being an analytical person I am able to see when I am having negative thoughts and change them around. I always think that tomorrow is the start of a new day so therefore you can begin again, just learn not to be too hard on yourself.
    Thank you for sharing

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