How To Use Systems And Procedures To Wow Your Customers

Systems and Processes

59% of unhappy customers will try out a new brand or company for a better service experience.

Achieving Customer Service Excellence should be the goal of every business owner.

In order to be a successful business owner, you need to bring customers back again and again. Effective customer service systems and formal written procedures are essential to achieving this.

Unfortunately, many businesses create barriers to building excellent customer service experiences through informal systems and procedures which have not been written down or reviewed since they were first implemented.

If your systems and procedures are informally communicated, your first task is simply to write them down. You can start by writing down all of the ways in which your customers “connect” with you, and then determine where you need to implement systems and procedures.

Establish in advance a system for dealing with all sorts of customer related issues that may occur in your business. Don’t wait until you have a customer service breakdown before you put in to place systems and procedures for dealing with those situations.

Decide what you feel constitutes good customer service and create your businesses own manifesto.

The best customer service businesses can be easily identified by the way they have structured their customer service systems and procedures. Their customers satisfaction is at the heart of the way they developed these systems and procedures.

They have developed a clear definition of who their customer is in each situation and then set in place systems and procedures that will allow their customers to walk away from any interaction with them with sense that they are valued by the business.

Today’s customers expects “Five Star Service” each and every time they experience your business.

That can only be guaranteed if effective systems and procedures are in place.

You need to base your systems and procedures around the fact that you want every single one of your customers to have an outstanding customer experience every time they have any communication with any person within your business.

Every business needs to have a Systems and Procedures Manual that the entire team is inducted into and upholds so they can deliver Customer Service Excellence for each and every customer.

By continually operating at a higher level of service you can easily rise above your competition.

Consistency is key

If you aspire to create an unforgettable, positive impression of your brand in your customer’s mind, consistency is crucial.

Customers want great service each and every time they deal with you. Confusion ensues when customers are treated really well some of the time, and their existence is hardly acknowledged at other times.

To obtain these exceptional customer service standards, all your team members must duplicate the exact same quality of service each and day, for each and every customer. Your systems and procedures are what will guarantee Customer Service Excellence every time for your customers.

Remember that customer service excellence is something that takes constant attention and improvement. You can’t just create a set of standards, train your staff, and then forget about it.

Always be listening to your employees and customers, review regularly and change your systems and procedures whenever the situation demands it.

Consistent and continuous improvement is how you keep your customer service at the highest level.

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