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9 Secrets To Help You Set Your Big Goals

 “You can learn anything you need to learn to accomplish any goal you can set for yourself. No one is smarter than you and non one is better than you. All business skills, sales skills and money making skills are learnable. Everyone who is good in any area today was once poor in that area. The top people in every field were at one time not even in that field and didn’t even know that field existed. And what hundreds of thousands of other people have done, you can do as well.”

 Brian Tracy

My apologies for the really, really long quote, but I think that Brian Tracy sums it up so well.

Goal setting is what leads to success, however, there is a process you need to follow if you want to be successful in achieving your goals.


Secret #1

You must decide exactly what goals you have for each area of your life. You don’t have to think in terms of what you think you can achieve, but what you really wanted if there were no limits. Let your imagination run wild here. Now imagine what your perfect life would be like in each of these areas:





Secret #2

Now you need to write your goals down. Make sure you keep them SMART. The more details you can fill in the better.

Secret #3

Next you need to set deadlines. These can vary from 6 months to 20 years depending on the goals you are setting. Sometimes, if the goal is a really big one, it is useful to break it down into smaller goals that you will find less daunting.

 Don’t get too anxious if you don’t achieve a goal by the deadline you first set. It just means that deadline was unrealistic. There are no unrealistic goals, just unrealistic deadlines. Set a new deadline and keep going.

Secret #4

You will have obstacles to overcome on your path to your goals. If there were no obstacles you would have achieved them already! So, look at what is holding you back from achieving your goals. It is usually something inside you such as lack of skill, a quality or lack of knowledge. These are all things that you can change.

Secret #5

Once you acknowledge those things that are holding you back, identify how you need to develop to put yourself in the top 10% in your chosen field.

Start by working on the one skill that is holding you back more than any other. this will give you the greatest progress in the shortest amount of time. Now make a plan to develop this skill and work on it every day.

 Secret #6

You can’t do this alone. Make yourself a list of all the people you will need to work with in order to achieve your goals. This includes members of your family, you will need their cooperation and support.

The most successful people are those who build and maintain a large network of people.

Networking is a two way process. You need to look at both what they can do for you and what you can do for them in return.

 Secret #7

Lists, lists, lists…….

It all comes down to lists. So, look at the three main lists you have made already

  •  Obstacles that you need to overcome

  • Skills you will have to develop

  • People you will need to work with

Now start to combine them. Write out every single step you need to take to achieve your goals. If you think of other things as you go along, just add them in.

By doing this, it will make the goal seem more attainable than you first imagined.

Remember  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Secret #8

OK, so you have all the steps that you need to follow, next is organizing them into some sort of priority. You need to decide which steps are the most important and which are less important.

Secret #9

Finally, it’s time to put it all together and finalize your action plan. Plan each day, week and month in advance.

  • Plan each day the evening before

  • Plan each week the week before

  • Plan each month at the beginning of the month

The more carefully you design your plan, the more you will accomplish in less time. For each task make sure you can answer this question:

Is this the most valuable use of my time right now?

It takes focus and concentration to succeed…..and you will.

What BIG goals have you set yourslf?

Post them in the comments box below, I’m dying to know!



  1. To get into an energetic match, I also like to add a new goal that is written in past tense form(as though it is has already been achieved) in a list of fun things already manifested. That energy is a contagious and it helps you get used to the idea of your goals being achieved. It is a combination of two practices–clearly stating our goals AND spotlighting our wins/successes (as we do in Evidence Journals).

  2. Evey says:

    Love these steps and do most of them but I think I really need to focus on Step 7 with figuring out my obstacles and learning what I need to know.

    Thanks for the reminders and the list.

  3. I love these steps, Helen. What a great road map. I think my area to work on is #9. I am on the scatter-brained side, and planning the evening before, the week before, and the month before is a great idea. I am pretty good about the evening before, but I want to take it further.

    Thanks so much for this useful advice.

    All the best,

  4. I love lists but hate planning more than a week ahead – one of the reasons I have my own business is because of the spontaneity it allows me.

    May take me longer to reach my goals because of it but I get to be flexible along the way.

    Another great post Helen.

  5. Hi Helen,
    A very interesting article, and a comprehensive list of how to set and achieve those goals. Looks like something I should check back on occasionally. I do better seeing things written down.

    Others may disagree with me, but I would put HEALTH at the top of that list. Without good health, making the income and making good use of it becomes null and void. Also, you are no good to yourself or your family without good health.

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